Measuring your ring size yourself is very easy.

You have found a beautiful ring in our webshop, and you would like to buy the ring. But how do you know if the ring fits properly?

Ring sizes are displayed in different ways. Some brands choose to use the inner diameter in millimeters as the size. Other brands choose to use the inner circumference as the size. Sometimes the American ring size is also used. It is not difficult in itself, but a bit confusing at times. We almost always use the inner diameter, because it is easiest to determine yourself.

You will find a size chart below for the ring size to be able to search. On the left is a list of diameters in millimeters. If you know the diameter, you can look up the corresponding circumference size to the right of it. In the middle you will find the circumference size in millimeters. If you know the circumference size of the finger, you can look up the diameter size to the left of it.

The Ring size table

Inside Diameter ring size (mm) Circumference ring size (mm) US ring size
15 48 4.5
15.5 49 5
16 50 5.5
16.25 51  
16.5 52 6
17 53 6.5
17.25 54 7
17.5 55 7.5
18 56 8
18.25 57  
18.5 58 8.5
19 59 9
19.25 60  
19.5 61 9.5
19.75 62 10
20 63 10.5
20.25 64  
20.5 65 11
21 66 11.5
21.5 68 12
22 69 13

Measure the inner diameter of a ring

The easiest way to determine a ring size is on the basis of a ring that fits you well and is comfortable. This way is also useful if, for example, you want to surprise someone with a ring and you don't want to ask them about their size. You can then easily 'borrow' a ring to measure.

Ringmaat 001
Take the matching ring and place it centered on the measurement units of a ruler. Place the inside of the ring at 0 cm and read the number of millimeters on the other inside. This is the within diameter ring size

Measure the circumference ring size without the ring

If a suitable ring is not available, the best way to estimate the diameter of the ring is to use a ribbon or string. Wrap the ribbon or string loosely around the finger on which the ring will be worn and cut it where the ribbon meets. Measure the piece that remains with a ruler in millimeters.

The length of the ribbon is the circumference of your finger and therefore the circumference ring size you need. 

Wide rings and your ring size.

If you have a wide ring in mind, you should also take this into account with your ring size. From a ring with a width of 8 mm or more, you need to go 1 to 2 sizes larger.
You now know your ring size then you are ready to go shopping in our websop. Lots of fun. 


If you are not sure about your ring size or have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us.