About Robb.Zilla

Robb Zilla

About Robb.Zilla

  • Robb.Zilla is an Antwerp jewelery designer who stands out for his flexible creativity. He designs his jewelery collection in his own studio, but also adapts his models to your preference. He also gives various workshops, where he introduces you to the "lost wax" technique during a few lessons.


    In the Dream Jewelery workshop you will be introduced to the art of designing with the "lost wax technique" by means of a practice model. The same technique is also taught in the workshop for Trouwers to couples who thus create an original and individual ring for each other. One evening you make your partner's ring according to your own design and under the expert guidance of Robb.Zilla. Look for more information on the page for 'Trouwers'.


    Old gold

    Robb.Zilla is specialized in the processing of old gold.

    Have your new jewelry made from the old gold that is in your drawer and depending on the weight and carat content handed in, you may halve the price of your new acquisition. The value of your gold is determined according to the daily price of the old gold.

    Since Robb.Zilla has an eye for the sentimental aspect of your old gold, you get the guarantee that your own gold will be reprocessed.


    Golden tip for weddings:

    have your rings sponsored by a family heirloom.