Terms of service



These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements concluded with Robb.Zilla bvba insofar as the parties have not deviated from this explicitly and in writing.

Agreement and execution

An agreement is concluded between Robb.Zilla bvba on behalf of and in the name of Robb.Zilla bvba and the customer / principal after written acceptance of the assignment.


a) gold jewelery

The jewel to be designed is extensively discussed with the customer and written in the form of an and signed order note in copy.

If applicable, a preliminary design is made in silver. The fitting date of this preliminary design will be determined in consultation with the customer. Any changes to this date can go through the usual contact media (telephone, SMS, e-mail) are agreed.

After approval of the preliminary design, the jewel is made in gold.

Preliminary design and implementation

Any changes to the preliminary design automatically lead to a new assignment with any adjustment of the final amount. The previous assignment is hereby canceled entirely.

Old gold version supplied by the customer

If the customer orders Robb.Zilla bvba to reuse his own gold jewelery, these will be gold jewelery is tested for gold content in the presence of the customer and the current value for old gold is communicated.

No warranty can be given on jewelry made from this gold.

Version with the customer's own gemstones

If the customer gives Robb.Zilla bvba the order to reuse own precious stones or semi-precious stones, they are tested in the presence of the customer. No warranty can be given on these gemstones.

b) silver jewelery

The jewel to be designed is extensively discussed with the customer and written in the form of an order note in copy.

Preliminary design and implementation

If applicable, a preliminary design is made. The fitting date of this preliminary design will be in consultation with the customer.

Any changes to this date can be made through the usual contact media (telephone, text message, e-mail).

If applicable, after approval of the preliminary design the jewel will be made in silver.

If the design is approved immediately, the silver jewel will be executed by the date agreed with the customer. Any changes to this date can be arranged through the usual contact media (telephone, SMS, e-mail).

Pricing and price adjustments

The final price of the jewel to be designed is determined in consultation with the customer and handed over in writing. Deviations at the final price, events may occur depending on changes in the design. This one changes are communicated in writing in the form of a new order replacing the previous one.


Robb.Zilla bvba requires an advance (maximum 30% of the anticipated final amount). When purchasing thefinished jewel, this advance is deducted from the final amount. Should the customer decide to cancel the order to refrain from doing so, this advance will be used to compensate for the hours delivered.


In accordance with the law of 21 September 2014 on the protection of consumers at sale of consumer goods, there is a legal warranty of two years on the manufactured jewelery.

The legal guarantee is limited to the non-conformity of the consumer good.

The legal guarantee starts from the delivery of the consumer's good.

The warranty with regard to non-consumers is limited to a period of 6 months on the manufactured item jewelry on new gold and 3 months on jewelry made from silver.

This warranty does not apply to defects arising from accident, neglect, falls, abnormal or incorrect use, use of the article contrary to the purpose for which it was designed, failure to comply with the instructions for use or manual, adjustments or changes to the article, harshly use, poor maintenance, abnormal or incorrect use. Nor does it apply to articles with a shorter life, or wear items (such as gold-plated or rhodium-plated jewelery).

Defects that manifest themselves after the warranty period following the date of delivery are considered none hidden defects, unless proof to the contrary by the customer.

The warranty is not transferable.

For both gold and silver jewelry, all warranty expires as soon as repairs are made to it by third parties jewel have been implemented.

Retention of title

Ownership of the jewels is only transferred when the customer owes all of it to Robb.Zilla bvba amounts.


Robb.Zilla bvba does everything it can to deliver a perfect product. The obligation rests with the jewelry on the customercarefully examine the delivery for compliance with the latest order version. Visible defectswill be covered by the acceptance of the jewel. With regard to hidden defects, the consumer must look at the latest to report the defect to Robb.Zilla bvba by registered mail within two months after delivery of the goods write or fax. This period is reduced to five days for non-consumers.

Robb.Zilla bvba will endeavor to handle the complaint adequately.

The above cannot be applied if the jewelry was worn or used; if a third party or thethe customer has tried to make changes himself; if the jewelry has been treated in an unusual way.


All invoices from Robb.Zilla bvba are payable within 7 days after the invoice date.

In case of late payment, conventional damages of 10% with a min. Of EUR 125.00. Invoices will also yield default interest of 10% per year from the date of due and payable.


The unilateral cancellation of a delivery by the customer gives Robb.Zilla bvba the right to choose between a mandatory performance of the agreement or the invoicing of costs already incurred whereby the minimum amount will correspond to the advance paid.

If the order is unilaterally canceled by Robb.Zilla bvba without force majeure, has the customer is entitled to compensation corresponding to the advance paid.


The contact details of Robb.Zilla bvba are the following:

Operating seat: Robb.Zilla bvba, Kammenstraat 53, 2000 Antwerp, tel 0494/15 16 10, rob@robbzilla.bvba

Applicable law and competent court

All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these Terms and Conditions apply are applicable, as well as these Conditions, Belgian law is applicable.

All disputes arising from the agreement between the customer and Robb.Zilla bvba will be handled exclusively by the courts of the judicial district of Antwerp, Antwerp division.